GiiKER Smart Sudoku Puzzle, featuring 2500 original brain-teasing challenges

By Top Picks    28 Mar,2024

Smart Sudoku is a puzzle game designed specifically for children, suitable for elementary school students and preschoolers to engage in logical thinking and intellectual training.

This game not only helps children improve their attention, observation, and memory skills but also cultivates their patience and perseverance.

As a tabletop game with progressive training, it can gradually guide children from simple six-palace Sudoku puzzles to increasingly challenging puzzles.

The design is very user-friendly, with each square on the chessboard adopting different colors, making it easier for children to distinguish and identify numbers.

Additionally, the chessboard is equipped with an erasable pencil, allowing children to make modifications during the solving process. 

The size of the chessboard is moderate, making it easy to carry around, enabling children to enjoy the fun of Sudoku anytime, anywhere.

It's not only suitable for boys but also equally suitable for girls.

This game can exercise children's ability to coordinate the left and right brain, improve their logical reasoning ability, and spatial imagination.

By continuously challenging and solving Sudoku puzzles, children can constantly improve their thinking ability and creativity throughout the game.

It has significant educational value and can help children develop good study habits and independent learning skills.

Parents can play together with their children, spending quality parent-child time.

Additionally,this Sudoku chessboard is also an excellent gift choice, suitable for giving to children as a birthday present or holiday gift.

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